Arus Fountain Technology

The quality promise is the basic principle as the Arus brand . we can always supply better fiasil , with extensive market research to the highest quality . We are striving to satisfy our customers with the products and equipments that we have developed in the field of fountains. Our uncompromising quality standards starting from our employees are applied in all areas of our business. Our commitment to quality and standards is always the same for improving our production techniques, from research and development methods to extensive field testing. We also follow ongoing effective feedback programs such as after-sales, customer service and provision of products tailored to customer needs.

Masu Drip Irrigation Systems

As the Masu brand, it is the principle of provide to the most reasonable to the best quality. We supply products in product categories such as various types of garden hoses, types of teflon tape in the equipments and equipments of irrigation products. Our princes are only producing products with high value and quality. We work to build long-term, trust-based, quality partnerships with our customers and our vendors.

Dripper Irrigation Pipes

As the Dripper brand, we manufacture and supply various pipe groups including drip pipes, coil and PE100 pipes. To provide full customer satisfaction by producing all the products and services offered in the market in the first time, to work in harmony with international standards and specifications, to follow technological developments, to provide opportunities for continuous improvement of employees and to improve quality permanently.

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